Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Where Can I Find American Made Handcrafted Artisan Gem Stone Christmas Earrings ? HERE from Mom ~ The ORIGINAL Maker !

It's that time of year again ... almost JULY ! 
We missed
Jesus' Half Birthday ...   Again !  

At Christmastime, everyone remembers that it's 
Jesus'  Birthday !

But what about in the summertime ?   

The Prince of Peace deserves 
recognition then, too ~ 
like most kids ! 

Light the 
candles and 
prepare a place
for Jesus 
in your heart ....

It's time to make
merry and celebrate Christmas in July !  

The three gifts 
of gold, frankenscense and myrr 
were brought by the 3 wise men ...

To honor
the Prince of Peace ... 

So now, not just in December,
but in the sunny days of July let us remember ...

To honor the one 
who came to give us everlasting 
Peace ...

Has there ever been a 
greater example to us on Earth ? 

As PROMISED, it is 
HERE that you can buy the 
Gemstone Tannenbaum Christmas Tree Earrings !
( Actually, by clicking the 
blue oval link above left or the tree earrings box
on the right whick will take you to my shop on eBay! )  

 Did you know that
I was born in Germany 
and that I love the scent of
pine needles ? 

Daily I create one of a kind earrings for you and yours ....

I have a few Santa's Little Helpers ... 


Whether you're going
to the Tulsa Christkindlmarkt
in December,

 Or flying away for
the Holidays...

 Now is the time for all
good friends to gather up,
and cash in on some 
Christmas in July Deals ! 

I have dreamy upcycled
Twist Again Angels !

Salz Und Pfeffer
shakers !

 I have Tulsa Art
Deco Christmas Trees ....

Fancy Floral Filigree
Christmas Trees ...

Swarovski Crystal
Christmas Trees ..

Find THREE GIFTS for each of your friends ....
Keep the Merry in Christmas
And start EARLY this Year ...

I have Mother of Pearl
Peace Christmas Trees and
Rainbow Trees Too ...

Make time in your life
for sitting and sharing with family and friends ....

Support a local maker like
me, Mom, and feel good about
your holidays ...

 I have red and green
cloisonne trees too!

 Agate gemstone and
jasper trees

Did you know that I was the
Tannenbaum Christmas Trees in America ?   I started making them about 1995.
Each year I create new designs.

 Sometimes I have other
fun things like these old German
Ornaments I found at an estate sale .

 Santa's Little Helper is NFS

Enjoy whimsical
creations you may never seen again !

Enjoy the comfort of temporary fashion ~ clipon earrings !

Give your self time in the holidays to create something new ....
Leave the small gift shopping to Mom ~ 
Shop Today and look for 
Kirsten Earrings USA on eBay !

Original Jasper Christmas Tree Earrings by Karla on eBay

Kirsten EARRINGS USA will NOT be at the Tulsa Christkindlmarkt 2017

Available from Kirsten EARRINGS USA on eBay

What is this ?  It's a Lithophane Candle Light 

Mom will NOT be at the German American Society of Tulsa Christkindlmarkt 2017 

This is costume jewelry but I have these too at

Kirsten Earrings USA PEACE TREES

Mouth Blown Murano Glass Ornaments Handmade by Karla find them on eBay

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Trees 

The lovely home of the Tulsa Christkindlmarkt on 15th Street West of Lewis ~ 1st Weekend in December ! 

New Mid Mod Matte Sea Glass Tannenbaum Christmas Tree Holiday Earrings
find them on eBay from TANNENBAUMTREES

Everything you need for your Christmas tree, floral arrangements and more is at

Keep your holidays handmade

Olivine Green Trees

Lampwork Trees

Coloring Page Free

Silver Bells by Kirsten

Thank you for supporting a local artisan ~ Karla 

Find these earrings on eBay ...
Always search for KIRSTEN EARRINGS USA
(made by only me ~ Mom at home in Oklahoma)
Here's the handy link:

Free Coloring Page Christmas in July for the Kids

Celebrate Jesus gift to us every day ...
Prepare your heart for the holiday ... 
Christmas is just 180 days away! 

If you choose your three gifts today, 
You can rest and play all through the Christmas Season ! 
For so many reasons ... Shop today ....

Thank YOU 
Mom K

Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom's Fan Box

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