Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Unbelievable Doll Collection for Sale at Estate Sales by Allen ~ This is An Event to Experience !

Today I went to an 
Estate Sale 

Another amazing Estate Sale by Allen 

It was like nothing
I'd ever seen in 
my life ... 

They say it is over 1500 dolls !

In a home in the 
Shadow Mountain
South Tulsa Neighborhood

Entering there was 
as if visiting another planet ...

go, if you have a fear 
of dolls ! 

Across the street a house was being painted, 
so I got their card ....

This was the first day . 

If you know your dolls, 
you can't miss this sale .

Here's a peachy cheeked boy doll 

This was in the kitchen ~ 
Lots of folks were curious about it ... 

Oh yes, and there were poodles too ! 

Lots of poodles

Some pretty cute .. 

Some made of porcelain or clay ...

A Sherlock Holmes Doll

Kewpie dolls

Madame Alexander dolls

Native American Dolls

Dolls and Tea Sets Galore !

 This one reminded me of 
The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison 

I repeat, don't go there if you have a 
fear of dolls 

Giant beer steins 

A Jewish Doll ? 

My mom told me she had a doll once. 
She left it out in the rain 
under a tree and it melted. 
Was it made of chalk? 

Puzzles of Dolls too !

There are two of these nice mid century modern chairs for 39 each

Somebody knit this boy a nice suit of clothes

German Festival MayFest 2017
Lots of Fun for  Every One !


Back to Work 

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