Saturday, April 15, 2017

Wood Hyacinths Found Under the Bushes and Wedgwood Historical Brown Transfer Found at a Tulsa Estate Sale

In the past few weeks
I've learned a lot about
old pottery marks and
Wedgwood ....

Found some long
forgotten wood hyacinths
in the back yards ...

Created some whimsical
wizard style old czech bead
earrings ...

 Kept up with the
natural pear creations

Still delighting in old
postcards of the past ...
 Remembering Aunt Viola Geiser
who made this doily for us.
 Thank you Sara Diggdon
for creating the lovely handkerchief
bowls ~ I spotted them so many years ago at the Philbrook Museum Gift Shoppe ~
one Christmas ~ I love them too !

 Well, here is
the plate I found ...
offered now on eBay ...

And of course,
the book I champion
for all children at
Easter time !

Years ago I found this lovely
wall plaque ~ it found
a home ~ I'm so thankful
I took pictures of it ...

Tulsa is splendid
this time of year ..

I'm working on
more art deco creations ...
 See the interesting
Wedgwood marks
on the plate ?

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