Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sun Shines In the Morn Telling Us It's Time to Rise and Shine ~ Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose ~ Raffi and Books to Sing

When our
were young

Sometimes it seemed the sun rose too early ...

 But not for our youngest two !

 More than a few

times we were

greeted with ...
 "The SUN is
AWAKE !! ~

 it's time
to get
UP ! "

Hollywood Gene Shelly Sequin AB Gown on eBay 

 Children take
all you have

 to give

and then some !

Royal Copenhagen 

Mancini MidCentury Modern Dress eBay

David Shahan 1800's

Since "Shenandoah" was a riverman's and then sailor's song and went through numerous changes and versions over the years and centuries, there are no set lyrics. Modern lyrics are usually some variation of the following:

AF SHAHAN 1800's

Van Gogh Style Sunflower Eye Oval Egg by Russian Artist

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