Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day Every Day Not Just One Day A Year ~ Plant a Tree ~ Plan for Shade Canopy ~ Do Your Part ~ Each Of Us IS a Flower ...

From the past

 Planting seeds
Pulling weeds

We are made
of the people who made us

Shower the people
you love with love

Nurture the gardens
around you

Respect the past

Enjoy the fruits of your

Pearls are for girls

Little cabbages are pretty

Honor your roots

Humble and strong

Celebrate the seasons

Support your local

Explore your heritage

 Plant seeds

Build strong homes

 Stay off the grass

Explore beauty

We have come a long way

adds color to your life

 And food directly
to your plate

 In a very green way

Be thankful for what
you have
and take care of it

 Life flies by

 In the blink of an eye

Progress is good

But take care of the Earth

It's our home, it's where we live ...

Times gone by

Are like lilies of the field

 Make sure
your seeds and plants are in ground by Mother's Day

 Spinning wheels go
round and round

The Mystress of Chaos spins beads

Kirsten drop dangles

Picking cotton is very hard work

I honor the ancestors
of my husband's people ...

 Folks have
been planning and planting seeds
for so very long ...

 May your garden grow

May the rays fall
gently and the sun
shine bright

May your yield be large

And your boss kind

There will be
berries for everybody

And rose scent in the air

With luck and pluck

Strong hearts and arms

We will get by

Take care of the children

The garden of the future

Watch out for
fake news

Take care of your back

You will need it

The tree may take a
while to grow

But plant it anyway
 Stay away from

Support your local
bee people

for all
good things

Take care

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