Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Easter Spring Summer Wedding ~ Local People Folks Unite ~ Gather Up Scatter Seeds ~ Peace Love Garden

Here in March
we get all 
a flutter 

 So much

 from the rosey
dawn mornings

 with Easter
around the corner

 and plans
for the future

friendly folks
where 'ere you go ...

Keep the dogs in
your hearts ...

And the sun
on your back
Kirsten Earrings Baroque Pearls ~ Wedding Favorites ~ Tannenbaum Designs

Planning a homestyle wedding ?
I can help with the earrings !

Tulsa Oklahoma Daffodil Yard off Harvard

 Each of
us is a flower

Vintage quality everlasting dogwood blossoms

Baroque Pearl Earrings ~ Kirsten USA ~ Tulsa, Oklahoma

Keep reading to the children ...

Sunshine our your shoulders

 Memories in your heart

We need the sun and the rain

Sleep 9 hours a day
The greatest free gift you
can steal ...

Depend on me for the pearl earrings ...

Recommend a book

highest quality

 lasting treasures

Serenity:  One Bead At a Time ~ and the Bead Goes On !

Tiny treasures

Handmade whimsies

Golden pleasures

Kirsten Earrings Hibiscus Flowers

I'll be there for YOU

The Gardens of Tulsa are the Word's Best Kept Secret

of us is
a flower


and Rain

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