Sunday, February 26, 2017

February Hot Sun ~ So Warm ~ Daffodils Pop ~ Sun Goes Down ~ Cold Returns

The coasts 
their rain
and snow 

We have heat
sun and wind

February is too
soon for Spring to pop

White so bright
in daffodil light

The quiet riot begins again
as life stirs to Spring
forth again

Suburban late
afternoon sun

 Feather soft
blowing in the wind ...

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Black Lip Mother Pearl Shell Earrings ~ Kirsten USA

Picasso Jasper Art Deco Teardrops Kirsten USA

Small batches of handmade earrings ~ Kirsten USA

Natural Yellow Trumpets of Spring ~ Daffodils

Keep on
Dangling ~
Art deco silver

Antique Czech bead black gold plump lady bugs

Old fashioned direct to you customer service

From quality beads
from around the globe ...

Tulsa, Miami, Chicago, Paris ~ Art Deco Destinations

Ocean, land, rocky shores

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 Whimsical creations

Garden inspirations

Sunshine trumpets

One is silver and the other gold

 Don't look over
a four leaf clover
that you've looked over before ...

46 Year Old 4 Leaf Clover Collection Begun in Alaska  NFS

Small treasures

Natural pleasures

flirty whatnots

Of Spring

Armadillos fall in love

It's as natural as the
doves ...

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The birds and the bees

 Make love in the trees

The bright daffodil

Pops up on
the hour

Each bead
finds a home

Reserved for Erik and Chris

Christmas was just months
ago but
seems so far away

 Blue skies

White flowers

 New batches
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New daffodils

By George from Blue Turtle Soap Company

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Feel the power of the sun

Oklahoma sun power

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Bradford Pear Blossom on the Ground ~ Tulsa Oklahoma February 2017

Warm bright sun in Oklahoma ~ Tulsa ~ February 2017

Bradford Pears blooming early in Tulsa February 24 2017

White so bright

Beaded charms by Kirsten Earrings USA ~

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Sunset delight

Thank you always, 
Tannenbaum Friends 

Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom's Fan Box

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