Friday, January 13, 2017

Think Pink ! Get Read ! Colors for February and V Day to Last All Year Long ...

Whether you are 
an American in Paris,

A bird on the wing ...

Spending your Winter 
in the Sunshine 

Waiting for Spring

Hanging out in 
Tucumcari ...

Or sitting on a nest 
taking a rest 

Wishing fences 
didn't block the sunrise

Counting the dots
on your polka dots or i 

Thinking of 
American lady bugs

Wondering about 
red and black 

Making fancy out of bread and cheese  ...

Old Quality from Bohemia

Reflecting on the landscape

Enjoying fine art in cranberry glass 

Valentine's Day is around the corner 

Berries are always at blast at Kirsten Earrings USA !

Czech Red Glass Drops by Kirsten Earrings USA

Berry faceted gold drops Kirsten Earrings USA

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