Friday, January 6, 2017

Earthy Natural Woman Earrings ~ Turquoise Jasper Wood and Silver ~ Treat Yourself ~ No One Else Will !

The wonderful 

about stones 

is that they are part of our souls. 

We are of the Earth 

And so are they. 

They are strong

 and do not break easily. 

I have lots of new Petoskey
designs for You

Here's a handy link to 
the various collections of earrings 
I have categorized easily for you:

Are you primarily interested
in gemstone earrings ?
Use this handy link to my creations:

Snow Day Tulsa Jan 6 2017

Snow Day Tulsa January 6 2017 ~ Sun Came Out for Only a Few Minutes 

Stay warm, shop from home, support your local artisans ~ enjoy the Snow Day !

Hot Chocolate Weather

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