Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Lovely Pink Rhodochrosite Ring My Brother Gave me in Alaska ~ The Rest is History ~ Think Pink !

Almost a half 
century ago

Really ? 
Yes ...

My brother
And father worked

together to make my
sister and I lovely rings

at the lapidary shop

on Ft. Richardson, Alaska

I remember hers was
red tiger eye 

and mine was the most 
beautiful stone I'd ever seen 

Rhodochrosite ! 

Some background history I have found regarding
Rhodochrosite ~ the naturally banded pink gemstone 
often given as a love token near Valentine’s Day ~

The name Rhodochrosite ~ while seeming to have some
association with the country of Rhodesia ~ does not at all ~ 
on further resarch.  The name rhodochrosite actually has etymology in Greek ~ 
meaning rose colored ~ 

Rhodochrosite was first found in the silver mines of Romania in the early 1800’s.   
Since then, veins have been located 
In the United States in Colorado, the Andes of 
South America in the mountains of Argentina, and in Quebec.

Rhodochrosite the state stone of Colorado, in fact !  
Think of Alpen Glow ~ and Rocky Mountain High in Colorado ! 

Many wonderful and positive attributions of various kinds come to this stone, 
which I won’t list here. 

See the new oval natural Rhodochrosite earrings I have for sale on eBay. 

More soon ! 

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