Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Thankful for Tulsa Friendly People ~ Each Day is a Gift

The kindness 
of strangers 
has twice helped me this year
in Tulsa if not more. 

People who step out of the blue to be 
kind and helpful, leaving the routine of their 
lives to help others.

Almost like angels, 
asking for nothing in return. 

Tulsa is filled with people
like this ~ that's why we
call it home. 

Pure and good, 
these people are the 
driving force that makes 
Tulsa the community 
it is. 

How to thank people like this ? 

 Good kind people 
turning a good deed 
for a stranger in need.

It makes one want to 
be more like them, 
to turn the good deed
for yet another in need. 

Be thankful each day 

 We are all here together
for a short while 

The world keeps spinning

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