Saturday, December 24, 2016

All Over the World Tonight ~ People Are Gathering Together ~ Have a Wonderful Chirstmas !

Whether you are enjoying a good book, 
an old movie, 
or listening to fine music ~

 Enjoying the view out the window 

Reading or sending fine Christms cards 

 Gathering for dinner 

Gathering mushrooms and delivering presents 

Going to church ...

Gazing at a Christmas Tree ~ the Tannenbaum 

 Or preparing to sit down for a meal 

Hoping for tidbits

Reliving childhood memories

Listening for sleigh bells on the roof 

Getting out for a cold brisk walk 

Taking the dogs 

Keeping Faith 

Light to keep the season bright 

Nature to inspire you 

Thoughts to stir your senses 

Gathering nuts

 Inspiration to last 

Checking your traps 

Coming in from worldwide deliveries 

Singing Christmas Carols

Keeping warm 

I wish you all the joys and mysteries of Christmas 

Peace and rest 

Good cheer and good scents 

Sweet slumber and dreams 

Good luck and pluck 

Healthy Happy Pets 

 Tidbits to tickle your brain 

Healthy Happy Pets

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017 !

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