Monday, November 28, 2016

Where is the Closest German Christmas Market ? In Tulsa ! When ? This Weekend !! It Starts Friday !

The German American Society of Tulsa
1423 S Terrace Drive Tulsa Oklahoma 
                                                        This Weekend !

The German American Society of Tulsa
1423 S Terrace Drive Tulsa Oklahoma

Original Pyrography Traditional Wood Burning Hobby seen at 
German American Society of Tulsa Christkindlmarkt 2015

Christkindlmarkt Tulsa 2015
Customer Proudly Wearing the
Original Tannenbaum Tree Earrings 

New Designs for 2016 of Original Tannenbaum Tree Earrings by Kirsten for You and Yours

Fine Embroidery Little Christmas Stockings ChristkindlMarkt Tulsa 2015

Vintage to Antique Ornaments Found at a High
End Tulsa Estate Sale ~ To be at the ChristkindlMarkt Tulsa 2016 
Free Picture for Children to Color

Christkindl Angel Pendant from Kirsten Earrings USA

Tulsa Fall Colors Late November 2016

Bracelets at ChristkindlMarkt Tulsa 2015

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Teeny Tiny O Little Town of Bethlehem Original Tannenbaum Tree Earrings
Kirsten Earrings USA

Petoskey Stone Earrings
Kirsten Earrings USA

Useful and Necessary Crocheted Items for Sale at the
ChristkindlMarkt Tulsa 2015

Fine Handmade Knit and Crocheted Items for Sale
ChristkindlMarkt Tulsa 2015

Hand Knit Mittens and Scarves

Lots of Unique Ornaments ! 

The biggest cookie tin I'd ever seen at ChristkindlMarkt Tulsa 2015

Antique Millefiori Bead Angel Fairy Pearl Earrings by
Kirsten Earrings USA

UpCycled 60's Trifari Lite Weight Bead
Earrings ~ Black Gold and Cream
Here Comes the Sun ! 

Fine Handmade Traditional Christmas Ornaments ChristkindlMarkt Tulsa 2015

Most Necessary Kitchen Towels ! ChristkindlMarkt Tulsa 2015

Fine Gemstone Jewelry from
 Zedel International at ChristkindlMarkt Tulsa 2015

Whimsical Whatnots Sunday Serenity Sanity Security Earrings by Kirsten 

New Cloisonne Tannenbaum Tree Earrings 2016

Holiday Fun Earrings 

Cloisonne Christkindl Angels 2016

Must Love Dogs 

Ornaments Galore at ChristkindlMarkt Tulsa 2015

Spring Promse Kirsten Earrings USA

Free Coloring Page

Egyptian Marble Solitaire Game Handmade Seen at ChristkindlMarkt Tulsa 2015

   Old School, I still don't have a cell phone.
      Checks are fine, cash, granola is SUPER, cookies too, I trade for poetry, art, pottery,
          and look forward to seeing what you might find new ~ still the nice price with a
              Lagniappes for bulk buys !   I appreciate you !  

Fall Colors ~ Tulsa Oklahoma ~ Red Sumac2016

New Original One of A Kind 2016
Tannenbaum Tree Earrings by Kirsten Earrings USA

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