Wednesday, November 9, 2016

One Day in November ~ Did You Vote ? Will You Remember How You Voted in Four Years ?

While working in Beadland 
is what I prefer, I did get out 
to cast my vote.   
Did you ? 

Well, we'll see how it goes.

 We can't all be right.

Petoskey Earrings
Kirsten Earrings USA on eBay 

It's not yet Thanksgiving,
but we ca be thankful
Kimberly Johnson
at the
Tulsa City-County Library !

A New Tannenbaum Christmas Tree Design for 2016
by Kirsten Earrings USA 

Whatever the weather
We'll get together
The Tulsa ChristkindlMarkt !

Time Changes Every Thing 

Look forward to lots of new designs from Mom ...
Despite a wasp invasion, I've been workig hard for you !

We get by,
with a little help
from our friends !
The New Squirrel ~ Annie Sumac ! 

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