Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pumpkins, Lanterns, Petoskey Stones, Fossils, Light on History ~ Mixie Tweenie Dachshund ~ Sumac Colors ~ Halloween

Random thoughts ~ 
Booksween Eve ! 

Sumac colors !

Hounds bark ~ 

Beads sparkle 

Orange is like the sun going down on summer .... 

We'll next see orange in the 
trumpet of Spring !

Plant daffodils
tulips hyacints crocus and more bulbs
to greet you first
as we welcome
the next season ....

Leaves rustle ~ 

Carl Linneaus ~ Carl von Linne ~ Father of Taxonomy
Tulsa, Oklahoma ~ Linneaus Teaching Gardens

History lessons ...  

Boston Ave Tulsa

American Hand Made Cotton Raggedy Ann 1960's


Saw Toothed Edges of Sumac

Original Moss Agate Tannenbaum Christmas Trees
by Kirsten Earrings USA

Tannenbaum Tree Proud at Christkindlmarkt Tulsa 2015

Sumac Fall 2016

Petoskey Fossil Coral Earrings ~ Kirsten Earrings USA

Polka Dot Heart Earrings ~ Kirsten Earrings USA

Octoberfest Clip on Silver Charm ~ Kirsten Earrings USA

Disco Crystal Acorn Nuts ~ Kirsten Earrings USA

Confetti End of Day Earrings ~ Kirsten USA

As a former children's associate librarian, 
I highly recommend "Halloween Tree" for an excellent historical perspective on the celebration of Halloween throughout millennia. 
Suitable for public school students grades 4-12 and written by the award winning American author Ray Bradbury.    Rediscover your American roots, as well as your connection to global harvest traditions !  

Sweet Potato Pumpkin Pie 

Tole Painting

Christ, Christ Child, 
Krist Kind, Christkidl, Christkindli
Holy Infant Jesus of Prague ... 

We're a family and we're a tree ... 
Our roots go way down in history ...

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