Saturday, September 3, 2016

Mid Century Mod AB Crystal Sequin Evening Ball Gown Dress Mancini California USA eBay Auction Ending This Weekend ~ Don't Miss History in the Making ! Museum Quality Petites Mains Haute Couture

I've known that this sequin gown was a
fine item of work since first seeing it years ago ...

Then I found one just like it from the 60's which had recently sold !

Who was the artisan !?    What 60's style ! 

Pictures below are the one that recently SOLD ! 

Pictures above are the one that recently SOLD ! 

I had no idea there could be TWO in the world ! 
To meet the artisan that created these would be an honor.

Get ready for the fall ball season now !

Find it at auction this weekend ending soon    (or just click on the blue oval at the top left of the page)

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend !

Buy this lovely gown as an investment 
or for a friend !   Tell a friend ! 

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