Friday, September 30, 2016

BooksWeen Comes But Once a Year ... Do Dah Do dah ! Are you up to the BookWeen Challenge this October 31st ? Try It, You'll Make a Child So Happy !

What is better than Christmas afternoon 
with a good new book, 
a peppermint candy cane 
and a cup of ice cold egg nog ? 

BooksWeen ! 

A child's haul on Halloween night 
with a bunch of candy ++ some 
fun books to read  !

Books ?   Yes ! 

Dig out your used children's books,
or find some extras about town,
and add them to the basket of candy ! 

You'll be a part of 
BooksWeen !
and, you'll make a child ...

So Happy ! 

What's this all about ? 
Years ago, while working at the library, 
I realized what literacy deserts there exist for children. 
Children having no access to books of their own. 
To have an to hold. 
It has nothing to do with the neighborhood. 
The same children might have a cell phone, 
an ipad, video games galore... 
but when it comes to story time... 
something to read ....
no books ! 

Many children would love to have a book to 
read outside of school ~ if only they had one. 

These days, many parents / care givers 
don't have the time or take the time to bring 
their children to the library. 

If we can, we can help fill in the gap 
as a neighborhood village, 
to give a book out, for free, no strings
attached, with the piece of candy. 

Try it !

Take the BooksWeen challenge !

It'll make you happy ! 

Tell your friends ! 
Do BooksWeen, if you can ! 

Yes, I sell earrings now for a living ...

If I don't write again
before Thanksgiving or Halloween,
I'm busy in Beadland ...

This post is dedicated
to Carol and Lisa Jarrett of Issaquah, two wonderful sisters, who showered our
young children with many classic books !

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