Thursday, August 18, 2016

Monarch Mariposa Butterfly or Black SwallowTail ? Green Yellow Black and White Caterpillars in the Parsley in Tulsa Oklahoma !

My husband found 
some caterpillars in his parsley and threw them off.

I thought he'd thrown away the much awaited monach butterfly caterpillars.

I'd even planted milkweed.

 But I kept seeing lovely black butterflies around. 

Looking it all up, I realize I have lovely 
Black Swallow Tail Butterfly Caterpillars. 
I feel thankful. 

I will try and get a picture of the butterflies.
They flutter a lot, so it may be difficult.  

Milkweed Ready to Open

 Enjoy what you do have, 
it is all important and special. 

Knitting Appreciation Earrings by Kirsten

Enjoy my new butterfly and fairy godmother flower creations ! 

PineCone Earrings Kirsten

PineCone Earrings Malachite by Kirsten

Lavender Blue for You !

Luna Mother Aurora Borealis Opalite Earrings by Kirsten

August 2016 Earthquake Peru

Like Butterflies

Courtesy Washington State

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