Friday, August 5, 2016

It's That Time Again ! Time to Take a Stroll Down Town Tonight for the Tulsa First Friday Art Crawl ~ A Perfect Night ~ Enjoy Art, Food, Drink, Friends and Local Handmade Gifts at the AHHA Gift Shop !

Have you enjoyed lately an evening on the town ~ 

Time to Go to Tulsa !
Visiting open galleries  to see what is new ? 

Find out what's on tap in the various galleries tonight at the
First Friday Art Walk ! 

Visit :  
The Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa ~ AHHA is located near the Guthrie Green, 
where one sees the large mural of Woody Guthrie on the wall.  
Visit it on Facebook too :

At the AHHA ~ go to the gift shop and ask to see the offerings
of Kirsten Earrings ~ 

Things one might not know about Kirsten Earrings USA ~
(scroll down)

Lily of the Valley Inspired Fairy Flower Dew Drop Earrings Long and Tall

Vitrail Prism Square Garnet Red Gold Kirsten Earrings USA

Peace Trees

Peek A Boo Treasure Pearl Kirsten Earrings USA

Edna's Lilies of the Valley

Black Pearls with Silver Leave Caps Kirsten Earrings USA

Peek A Boo Treasure Pearls with Silver Leaf Caps Kirsten Earrings USA

Small White Buffalo Turquoise Howlite with Matrix  Kirsten Earrings USA

Large Bodacious Luster Cream Faux Potato Pearl Kirsten Earrings USA

Small Copper White Buffalo Turquoise Howlite Matrix Earrings Kirsten Earrings USA
Bronze Large Teardrop Pearls with Unakite Gemstone Kirsten Earrings USA

Natural Banded Rhodochrosite Hearts Kirsten Earrings USA 


Lavender Blue Fairy Flowers Kirsten Earrings USA

Hollyhocks ~ Taos New Mexico 

Wedding Pearls Kirsten Earrings USA

Part of Doll Blanket made by Great Aunt Sena Tomsen

Classic Every Day Pearls ~ Kirsten Earrings USA

  • The classic pearl designs were inspired by a super simple design my daughter showed me! 
Forget Me Not Totem Earrings ~ Kirsten Earrings USA ~ Black Elk Antler Slices from Alaska

Whimsical Fairy Frost Leaf Holiday Earrings ~ 
Kirsten Earrings USA

Vintage Cobalt Murano Beaded Earrings ~ 
Kirsten Earrings USA

Vintage Cobalt Czech and Swarovski Bead  Earrings ~ 
Kirsten Earrings USA

A very cool Dutch Colonial Home 
for Sale in Mena Arkansas right now ! 

  • My favorite flowers are forget me nots and pink lantana ! 

Many things 
inspire my designs... people, nature, events ...
Sochi Olympics Inspired Earrings ~
Kirsten Earrings USA

Weekend Rainbow Pancake Stack Earrings ~ 
Kirsten Earrings USA

Purple Disco Crystal Aventurine Gemstone Lily of the Valley Vtg German Bead UpCycled Earrings ~
Kirsten Earrings USA

  • I created a large quantity of earrings for my father to take to a USMA West Point Reunion a few years ago.  

  •    What race am I ?   Human.  

  • The AHHA gift shop has hundreds of my original creations ~ earrings for sale.  Just ask !     

  • They are almost the Christkindlmarkt  ~ nice price there, but you are supporting the local Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa ~ so, as Martha would say, It's a good thing ! 

  • My favorite songs are John Lennon's "Imagine", 
  • Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Universal Soldier",  
  • Ada Blenkhorn's "Keep on the Sunny Side of Life", and
  •  "Life is Like a Mountain Railway" sung by Willie Nelson.   
  • ( I used to be a card carrying member of the Willie Nelson Fan Club. 

  • Recycling vintage beads, pearls, and jewelry in general is a specialty I enjoy.  Bring me your old beads and I will make a collection of earrings for all your grand daughters !  

  • My husband's "people" were found on the island of Barbados in the West Indies in the 1600's!   Open a book and relearn what you thought you knew about Cromwell, King James, and the early slave trade to America .   Irish were there in the thousands.

  •  For years I enjoyed the market circuit and my customers could follow me from event to event. Blue Dome, Stone Bluff, Lavender Hill, The Garden Center, Autumn Harvest, Harvest Moon, Jenks, Union, Edison, Bishop Kelley, Broken Arrow, Immanuel Lutheran, and so many more.

  • Now, look forward to finding me at the German American Society of Tulsa ( GAST ) annual family oriented Christkindlmarkt ~ a indoor traditional German Christmas market with hot food !  A local venue for all your Christmas Gifts in an Old World German style!  

  •   This event is always the first weekend in December, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Put it on your calendar today !

  • I never knew that women wore dangling earrings before the hippy women of the 1960's until I saw old photographs of the Victorian age!

  • Returning to college in 2005 after an almost 25 year hiatus, I obtained my BA in French from The University of Tulsa two hours before my eldest son graduated from The University of Oklahoma ! 

  • I am excited and honored to attend my first Quinceanera this weekend in Tulsa !

  • I was featured in Tulsa People Weddings with my Pearl Wedding Earrings about 10 years ago. 

  • We have a special basset hound named Lucille.   All basset hounds are special.  My husband's friends Chris and Keeley found her on the Dam Jam Bicycle ride .  

  • We recently lost a dear black and tan dachshund due to fireworks on July 4th. 

  •  I make fobs and pendants too. 

  • My earrings have sold at many shops around town quite well such as Shades of Brown, South Paw, Magnolias and Butterflies, and more.  Just ask, and I will provide you with some ! 

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