Sunday, July 10, 2016

Christmas in July Kirsten Earrings USA Handmade Auctions Carry On ~ Thank You Tannenbaum Friends ~ Enjoy July Deals ~ Free Shipping !

The Tulsa German American Society 
Christkindlmart is still 6 months away ! 

  What to do ? !! 

Have a SALE ! 

Let's call it Christmas in July ! 
What a novel idea ! 

Shop here now :

Yes, I have my original folk art stone trees ! 
Shop here :

Yes, I have the little natural pearls ! 

In many sizes, colors, shapes and styles ~ classic for all your days ! 
Shop early ! 

Yes I have hearts ! 

And little lingonberry 
and blueberry earrings !  

New friendly ladybugs too ! 

Shop here :

Rainbows of Wonderful Beaded Earrings for Sale ! 

Gemstones of all kinds ..

Agates too ! 

Selections in a variety of light weight woods 

Whimsical Flower Fairy Earrings Too ! 

Shop here :

Mushrooms too ! 
Shop here :

Many varieties of lovely lampwork art glass creations 

Sputnik art glass earrings ... 

Acorn Earrings ! 
Shop here :

Mod Mod World Lampwork Earrings ! 

Don't wait for the leaves to fall ! 

Or the acorns to drop ! 

Soon it will be Pumpkin Time !  
And Back to School ! 

Soon you'll want to put a little gemstone guardian angel on 
that backpack .. 

Get an Original Today 

Shop here :

Something Upcycled and 
ReNewed may waiting for YOU ! 

 A Gem from the Earth ..

Something for everyone ! 

Shop here :

Christmas in July is Going Going Going...  

Tannenbaum Friends: 
Contact: kktshahan  @   gmail  for more options 

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