Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pennies from Heaven and Fairy Circles in the Woods ~ Good Things and Mysterious Stories ~ Gnomes, Trolls, and Frogs ...

I was almost half a century old
when first I noticed a fairy ring
in the neighborhood ...

As I was growing up, 

fantasy, myth and magic 
were not encouraged ...  

Logic ruled over legend  .....

Fact sought over fiction ...

 Science was
Sensibility ...

Mathematics was 
the closest I'd been to
Magic ...

 Nature itself is 
Queen ... 

And Beauty of the highest ...

 Nature is to be 
Revered and 

 The gifts of the 
Earth protected ...

 The children 
held high and nurtured 
as they 
are our future ...

Flower Fairy Earrrings Kirsten USA 

Ruby Zoisite

 Rocks are hard 
and Fish swim away ...

 Plant for the 

Celebrate the Summer Solstice
in your own way, and discover more
about how it is enjoyed 
all around the globe :

Serendipity is good in moderation 
Serenity is most important
Sustainability must be worked for ... 
Senility is inevitable !

Have you ever found a fairy circle of your own ? 
Here is more interesting information about them ...

Man Made Fairy Circle Catoosa Oklahoma Near the Big Blue Whale on Old Route 66  Oklahoma USA

Time changes everything

Lilies for Don Bradshaw Courtesy Maureen

A free fairy flower coloring page for summer 
Keep reading to your children and build flower fairy forts 
and toad abodes ! 

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