Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Late Half Birthday Party for Jesus and Greetings of Love from the HeartLand !! Plan Ahead for the Real Party with Gifts in the Bag !

Here it is ... 
almost the 4th of July 
weekend ~ 

So much excitement ! 

what with the lilies blooming

courtesy Maureen

and folks looking forward
to shooting off noxious Chinese fireworks

to celebrate the birth of our country ...

and just last week it was Jesus' Half Birthday ! ?  

Who knew folks were celebrating ?   

I just found out. 

But my heart is sincere.  

The Prince of Peace has always meant a lot to me,
even before I believed in Him. 

Let us remember and rejoice and 
not shoot off fireworks. 

Let us enjoy some carrot cake or watermelon instead. 

Please enjoy the low auctions and birthday sales in my online shoppe belatedly through July ...  (Think Christmas in July) 
(the half birthday party was June 25th)

and prepare for the real birthday of Jesus 
in December !  


"you may say I'm a dreamer ... but I'm not the only one ..."

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