Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Butterfly ~ Mariposa ~ Schmetterling ~ The Most Beloved FlutterBy ~ Flowers, Poems, and Butterflies On A Summer Breeze ~ Oklahoma FreeWheel 2016

In the middle of the summer,
Mid Summer, 
We have another Full Moon ... The Strawberry Moon !

Art Tile by Medicine Bluff Artisan Mr. Beasely available on etsy 

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heart filled created to support local artisans from Tulsa ? 

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Where have all the fireflies gone ?
Turn out your lights at night, and help prevent light pollution.
Take back the night. 

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Firefly Art Tile Available on Etsy by John Beasley Medicine Bluff Gallery 

Forget Me Nots ~ Alaska

Celebrate Children and Childhood

White Wicker Veranda with Tiger Lilies ~ Oklahoma FreeWheel 2016 ~ Courtesy Maureen

Dragon Fly Full Moon Art Tile by John Beasley on Etsy ~ Medicine Bluff 
Find his work here :

Pendant by Kirsten Earrings USA on eBay 

Butterfly by Kirsten Earrings on Ebay 

White Picket Fence Pink Garden ~ Courtesy Maureen ~ Oklahoma FreeWheel 2016

Pink Roses on an Oklahoma White Picket Fence ~ FreeWheel 2016 ~ Bicycles ~ Courtesy Maureen 

RainForest Green Rhyolite Pendant or Key Chain Fob

Natural Rhodochrosite Earrings

Belly Dancer Tannenbaum Tree Earrings 

Hot Summer Frilly Gladiola ~ Oklahoma FreeWheel 2016 ~ Courtesy Maureen

Gladiola Sprout and Blossoms ~ Oklahoma FreeWheel 2016 ~ Courtesy Maureen

Freshly Painted White Picket Fence Post and Hot Orange Gladiola ~ FreeWheel 2016 ~ Courtesy Maureen

Beautiful Rest Stop ~ Oklahoma FreeWheel 2016 ~ Courtesy Maureen

Beautiful Summer ~ Oklahoma FreeWheel 2016 ~ Courtesy Maureen

FreeWheel 2016 Memory ~ Gladiola Blossom ~ Courtesy Maureen 

we enjoyed 
to the poems of 

our daughter from decades ago on an old cassette tape. 

A teacher had given the children 
a poem a week to memorize, 

and I enjoyed her good efforts so much,

she allowed me to capture 
her Friday morning recitations on tape before school!

Now, years later, these are a priceless treasure ! 

Thomas 1st Day of Kindergarten Jenks Oklahoma ~ Maureen ~ Big Brother Ian ~ Texas Rangers 
A full year 
of weekly recitations from Fall, Winter, Holidays, Christmas, 
Spring, and on to Summer Vacation !

A young lady growing
up with wonderful teachers 
MCS at Jenks Rock Gym Oklahoma 1st Grade


The Caterpillar
Brown and furry
Caterpillar in a hurry;
Take your walk
To the shady leaf, or stalk.

May no toad spy you,
May the little birds pass by you;
Spin and die,
To live again a butterfly.

-Christina G. Rossetti

Gladiolas White Picket Fence Wicker Veranda Oklahoma FreeWheel 2016 ~ Courtesy Maureen

Summer Stone Pendants and Fobs Kirsten Earrings USA

Gladiolas ~ Courtesy Maureen

FreeWheel 2016 Oklahoma Bikes on a White Picket Fence of Roses ~ Courtesy Maureen


SunFlower Cotton Rag Blanket ~ Oklahoma FreeWheel 2016 ~ Courtesy Maureen

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