Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day is Every Day ~ As is Father's Day ~ The Highest Calling ~ Focus on the Family First ~ Hobbies Follow ...

When our kids were young, finding a good hobby was
just the ticket to having fun while staying home ... 

after all, babysitters cost too much and our kids were too precious ....

A wise old Scottish pastor once told us
that if we couldn't bring our kids with us, we shouldn't be be going ...

So we enjoyed everything focused on the family for
so many years it became our way of life...

Then, as the children led me into volunteering and to jobs ...

My world grew ..

And then the hobby became
the quiet time ~ the down time ~ the de ~ stress ~ slow down thing ...

And now with more quiet time ~ it is a blessing that
I can look back and know that the time was well spent on the children and family

We have had much for which we
can be thankful

Our hard times have not been as difficult as those some endured ...

We celebrate good times
when we can

Not just at Christmas time ~ but all year long ~

Little furry friends find their way into our lives ...

 We learn what we can and leave the rest

Thankful again for the strength we are given

By example of the lives lived by family before us

 Never knowing when
we might be touching history ...

 Thankful for guidance
from many angles and angels !

 History and Families

 Educations is priceless

Ever thankful for angels among us ...

Guiding spirit ...

Inge Glas Lauscha Germany West Germany Poland Estate Find Tulsa 

McNellie's Carrot Cake ~ Tulsa 2016 ~ Mother's Day 

Can't wait for the next Christkindlmarkt at the GAST Center ?

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CopyRight Kevin

Time flies quickly ... enjoy children ~ celebrate family.

Lauscha Inge Glas Germany West Poland Assortment Find Tulsa Estate

Shahan Family 1996 Sutter Schloss Appenzell

Maureen Bryan Thomas Ian

Celebrating the number 1

Beautiful Daughter

Learned Son

for enduring my blog ! 

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