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MayFest Tulsa ~ Blue Dome Festival 2016 This Weekend Promises Art Delights Downtown !

The Tulsa International 

 Downtown !

It's that time of year again ... 
Get out the surrey with the fringe on the top !

Hooray for cool weather and sunshine !
It's Festival Time !  

And don't forget the local favorite .... 
The Blue Dome Festival ! 

Be sure and find these artists:  

Looking for a certain artist?  
Here are the 2016 vendors…
Vendors Listed A-Z per zone
ZONE A: A1 – 3rd Street Clayworks
Mom has supported this local artisan !
A49 – Adams Woodworking / JL Concepts
A42 – Apostrophe. . .at Addie Eva’s Attic
A38 – Art on Broadway
A5 – Balloon Guyz
A33 – Belvitro Refurbished Glass
A6 – Brigids painted faces
A31 – CKY Designs
A11 – Classe Chaos
A24 – Creations By Tina
A26 – DaKine Fine Art
A50 – dingoz designz / Brakhage Art
A28 – Donna Prigmore Pottery Mom has supported this local artisan !
A37 – Erin Owen Art
A27 – F. Highlander Designs
A41 – Figments of Imagination / Shards of Glass
A45 – Firenza Beads & Silver
A36 – Fox & Crane Creative
A52 – Frinji / Blondies Blooms
A30 – Funky Fabrics
A8 – Garden Deva Sculpture Co. Mom has supported this local artisan !
A43 – GreenHouse Clothing
A10 – Gruber Designs Studio
A47 – Handmade by Rebecca
A39 – HennaChick
A48 – Humble Earth
A7 – Jack & Lynne Gossett Designs
A21 – John Cox artisan
A2 – Josh Stout Art
A12 – Kamama Skin Care, LLC
A46 – Kelly’s Soaps
A13 – Kingfisher Studios
A44 – Laura Thompson Artist
A23 – Mickel Yantz LLC
A29 – Pats Pens & Things / UnCanny Creations
A34 – R M Studio
A9 – Silver Cloud Studio
A3 – Sparks paintings
A35 – Spirit Creations
A55 – Struggle Bus Art & Clothing Co.
A4 – The Art of Price Jones
A22 – The Wood Potter
A51 – Thunder Rock Sports Jewelry
A53 – United We Stand
A54 – With All My heART
A25 – Wonderland
ZONE B:B11 – 8th Grade Candles
B30 – Albert’s Gourmet Sauce
B52 – Art Works by Bruce
B7 – Blue Tree Studio
B28 – Bull’s Eye Studio
B9 – Cerca Trova Photography
B42 – Crazy Hat Tie-dyes
B6 – Creekmore Jewelry
B4 – Dangles, Bangles & More
B5 – Dixie Pearl
B22 – Double H Works
B41 – Etudiaye Pottery  Mom has supported this local artisan !
B51 – Eye Machine
B31 – High Gravity
B45 – Ida Red
B12 – Indigo Rose Design
B49 – Jill Hollingsworth Art / Mom has supported this local artisan !
Ceramics by Amy Sanders
B10 – JSolz Handcrafted Jewelry
B2 – Katybabygems
B47 – Keys and Memories
B25 – Lucky lulu
B8 – Mask Parade by Vincent Ur
B26 – MD Weems
B27 – Millie Scott Quilting
B1 – Neanderthal Moto
B23 – Okie Crowe / AngoraJane Fibers
B21 – Okie Dirt
B48 – Practically Perfect Baby Boutique
B3 – Prison Art
B43 – Quillco Creations
B44 – Red Dirt Salsa
B24 – Southwest Silhouettes
B50 – Starling’s Hollow
B29 – TurnCrafted
B46 – Vanessa Smedley Art / Pack Mule Photography

C53 – 7 Meyer Art

C55 – Aaron Paul Designs

C66 – Aerosol Garage

C11 – All About Metal

C69 – All That Glitters is Sold

C28 – Amber Michele Art

C61 – April Showers

C15 – Artistic Chainmaille

C29 – Awesome Tie Dye

C31 – Beer is OK
C37 – Callan Dullea Fine Art

C17 – Dan Rocky Art

C65 – Demolition Prints / Fivers Coin Rings

C2 – Earth and Fire Stoneware

C68 – Elizabeth Burton Designs

C39 – Fizzy Cactus

C20 – Foxy Grandpa

C41 – Freshtake Books

C3 – Gerry Darrow Photo

C56 – Hali and Hannah

C60 – Hands Unlimited

C38 – Handy Annie’s Handmade

C21 – Ink it with Amy

C25 – Inspired Wire

C71 – Joshua Cook’s Creative Impulses

C9 – Joshua the artist

C73 – K. Langley Photo Images

C40 – K9 Couture Collars

C54 – Keetonville Hill Pottery

C57 – Kenny McCage (BuzzArt)

C5 – Kris Fairchild Twisted Art

C62 – Lawless Souls

C16 – MAT Graphics

C67 – Matt Smith Studio

C74 – Meagan Cope

C43 – Melody Smith Designs

C10 – Monica Griffin / Starflower Creations

C51 – My Beautiful Face Painting

C27 – Noble Beard Hair Tonic
C72 – Oddments of Sterling Williams
C58 – Rabbit Works

C8 – Roark Acres Honey Farms

C14 – Rock Your Blues

C7 – SLiK Hound

C19 – Spark Photography

C6 – Stained glass by Lenora

C63 – Steam &Gears / Blackbird Millinery

C59 – Talitha B Jacobs DeSIGNS

C32 – Tepie’s

C33 – The Bead Merchant  Mom has supported this local artisan ! 

C30 – The Enchanted House

C70 – The Homesteaders Finest

C26 – The Oklahoma Bigfoot

C24 – The Sarong Lady

C23 – The Third Eye Boutique

C22 – Tidewater Winery

C13 – Tiffany June Gutierrez Designs

C12 – Tori Harcrow Ceramics / Eleven Eleven Graphics

C18 – Towhead Salsa

C64 – Trippy Vixen Creations

C1 – Tulsa Stained Glass/Art Play Center

C4 – Two Sista’s

C35 – Uwoduhi Beads

C34 – Wesley Holderby

C19 – Whispering Meadows

C36 – Wire & Fire

C42 – Woven Tapestries

C52 – Zedel International      Mom has supported this local artisan ! 
D40 – 918Designs
D25 – 918made
D43 – Art by Matti Imhoff / jhofstrom
D4 – ArtbyJanMcKay
D45 – b. joue
D2 – Baltic Amber
D10 – Bekah Sometimes
D13 – Bison Hardwood
D37 – Black Moth
D44 – Bombdiggity Bath Bombs
D11 – Boomtown Tees
D34 – Boxing Bear LLC
D42 – Cooler Jewelers / mmtm
D46 – Dees Finest Spice Mixes
D22 – E Fox Art
D21 – E-String Jewelry
D55 – Face the Music
D56 – Fantasy Glass Works
D1 – Heart of Glass / Slack Glass
D36 – Hemp Galore
D31 – Herbs Wild
D24 – Hippie Chick Creations
D29 – Homeless Art
D5 – Hoofprint Pottery
D6 – Hunting Horse Designs
D30 – Kartoons by Kevin
D35 – Kathy Wood Fine Art
D41 – LivyLu
D52 – Lucyart365
D3 – MENT Apparel
D18 – MF Fine Art
D39 – mumfurDesigns
D7 – Naifeh Sisters Jewelry Design
D51 – Painted S Ranch Custom Creations
D12 – River Wood Decor
D54 – Siren Dreamcatchers
D27 – Soliday Studio
D32 – Spice Barrel
D23 – Steve Cluck
D16 – Stewart Designs
D38 – Stone’s Throw Ceramics
D17 – SugarShack Beads
D28 – Tadpole Creek Creations
D26 – Terri Wagner Studio
D14 – The Palate at Ranch Acres
D15 – The Patchouli Parlour
D47 – Tidal School
D48 – Tyrone’s Treasures
D9 – Undeveloped Area Farms
D49 – U-We Designs
D53 – Valenstein Laboratories / A Fine Mess Clay Works
D50 – Vaughn Jade Designs
D33 – Wasted Time Workshop
D8 – Yummy Tie-Dyes
I was there for a few years, 
and really did enjoy the sun and fun,
but now you'll have to be content 
to find me on eBay....

Whether you live in Switzerland 
or in Switzer ...
Land ~~~~ Mom and Dad have supported x 3 !
that is, 
you can enjoy the Festivals all summer long ! 

Grab the old ladies, pack up the babies, (strollers a must!)
and every one go .... Downtown ! 
Tulsa, that is, to Mayfest and Blue Dome ! 
I may be walking along there beside you !

Where can you buy KirstenEarrings USA ?
1) Find Mom's handmade earrings:
at AHHA also called ...
The Hardesty Arts Center ~  
Gift Shop ~
Benefitting the 
Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa ! 

2) on eBay ~ the green way to shop:

3) Some of my creations are sold
by Zedel International

4) Now, this summer , 
at the Denali Camp Gift Shop
at the top of Mt McKinley, Alaska  ~ 
otherwise known locally to Alaskans 
as Denali ~ The Great One !

An old favorite on a brand
new attachment !

To see more of my gemstone
and millefiori designs visit my
space on eBay :


Don't forget to support your local Zen Spoon Master ! 
Blue Dome
What a Novel Idea
Love it While You Can !

Got Honey ???


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