Sunday, April 17, 2016

Where to Buy Local Tulsa Oklahoma Handmade Artisan Handcrafted Earrings and Gifts ? In Downtown Tulsa at the Arts and Humanities Council ---->> AHHA Gift Shop !

Kirsten Earrings by Mom 
2016 Tannenbaum Market Schedule ~ 
Years ago when I was doing the open air markets in 
the beautiful wind and sun of Oklahoma 

I would have
on hand 
market schedule of

where my 
loyal customers could find me next ! 

Now there are so many festivals and events in Tulsa and the
surrounding areas from Spring to Christmas, it is hard
to keep up with the possibilities and fun !
Go to all of them, especially 
Mayfest and the 
Blue Dome Festival!

These days, mostly
due to a wasp allergy, you can find my creations online ~ on eBay.  

Edna's Roses ~ Lavender Plum or Lilac Plum ?
This doesn't show it but they are that color edged with a deep pink ! 

But if you want to buy some of my original undocumented 
creations, head on down to the Hardesty Arts Center in 
Downtown Tulsa, right next to the Woody Guthrie Museum and Guthrie Green!   There, at the AHHA ! (Arts and Humanities Hardesty Arts ) Gift Shop, Ask for Kirsten Earrings and they can show you hundreds from which you may choose !   Prices there are very reasonable, and you will be giving a portion of the sale to the local Tulsa Arts and Humanities Council. I will receive a small proceed. You will be supporting local Arts programs and me too.  
Support other local artisans of course as well! 

Spring is uncurling so quickly ! 

I am fortunate to have neighbors who love to garden !

Edna's Lilac Lavender Pink Frilly Roses in Tulsa Oklahoma 2016 ~ Lilic Plum ?

Lily of the Valley ~ North Garden of Edna 2016

Edna's Roses ~ Lavender Plum ? 

These days I am making a
lot of red white and blue earrings
for the summer days of

 and of course because of the
days we are facing ahead ...

Also, I'm upcycling
and recycling ...

Lavender or Lilac Plum ~ ?  These are actually more purple than the photo showed...

Edna's Roses ~ unknown ~ Lavender Plum or Lilac Plum ?  

Mother's Day Lady Bug Earrings 

Upcycled Long Moonstone Moonglow Silver Blue Earrings 

Knockout Roses in Tulsa are pretty when the sky is grey! 

Enjoy the roses along your path ~ Edna's roses are so beautiful !  

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