Sunday, April 3, 2016

April in Paris ~ Tulsa, that is! ~ Paris of the Midwest ~ 2016 ~ Sunday Drives with Mom Continued ~ Historic Preservation ~ Friends and Family

When friends 

and family come to visit ~  

We enjoy showing off the beautiful places of our city 

... The culture, the museums, the art, the food ..

Ssshhhh... don't tell everyone !

Tulsa IS the Paris of Oklahoma !


It seems as if every time I turn around, a historic landmark or home is gone ...

While they are still
here, I want to take pictures ...
to capture them in time...

New homes fill in

where other homes
disappear ...

An egg that was not found ...

Who lived here ? 

Revitalization is good ...

The Easter Basset is tired, after a big night....

Who left these eggs... the Easter Basset ? 


The vinca trail ~ for the basset and dachshund ...

Cherokee Dogwood

A couple is quietly married at The Little Church Around the Corner in New York City ~ 1954 

April in Paris !
It fits !  So, here I'm sharing a few more photographs of some lovely homes in Tulsey Town ...
The flowers... The Dogwoods are in bloom, the tulips, the spirea, the Japanese maples are in full glory... it is a perfect Spring.   These are all inspirations to me in my creative ventures ... if you find your home, or your neighbors' home ~ let them know ... it looks beautiful !

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