Wednesday, March 9, 2016

In Like a Lamb... Out like a Lion ? Early Spring Warmth in Oklahoma Portends Potentially Hot Summer ? Rain is Welcome !

Some may say, 
Rain, rain, go away ...

 Come back again,
Another day !

 But, only a few days
ago here in Oklahoma,

 We were experiencing
an oddly warm beginning

 to Spring of temperatures
in the 70's.... and so much

 wind, we wondered
whether we might blow
away in the weather !

 Now those winds have
brought us much needed
moisture ...

But not enough yet to shield
us from the sun's
relentless ability to

 soak up all that rain !
Like the eensie weensie spider,
we are up the spout again ...

 But those wise among
us know that it must rain and
cool again.

 As far as the news goes,
we are facing a new foe ...
a tiny foe ...

Yes... .EEEK !

A few years back we learned to identify the Asian Tiger Mosquito  ~ right,
Now, we need to be alert for the Gypsy Mosquito ~ Left

Keep emptying all those things that can keep water ....
even a teaspoon full can be our demise,
or so they say ...

Take care of yourselves,
Be well and do well always ~!

Twice now,
Kirsten Earrings USA has had the honor of serving customers in Alaska !
Hooray for the Iditarod, and Fur Rendezvous Days !

Balto Figurine ~ Seen at Tulsa Flea Market ~ Christmas 2015

Congratulations to the new Bride and Groom ! 

Pocahontas Club Sorority Pin ~ Oklahoma ~ by Wolf-Robe Hunt ~ Navajo Jeweler

 Lucy says...
Sleep More ... Dream More !~

Thank you Tannenbaum Friends,
all over the globe !

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