Saturday, February 20, 2016

ReDangling the DeDangled One Lobe at a Time ~ Adding Momentum to Our World !

The wind blows 
a different direction every few minutes it seems 
here in Oklahoma !  

About the only thing you can do 
is run with it, or hang on to your hat ! 

Wild Onion are sprouting in the fields and woods ...
You know Spring is coming !

Valentine's Day is over,

A belated valentine !

Believe it or not, yesterday I saw clusters of Daffodils blooming ~
February 19th in Oklahoma !  It's still winter !

Soon will be Saint Patrick's Day ...

The Wild Onions blooming in the fields ...

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Wild Onion Dinners at your local churches ....
Support Local !

                        March 28, 2015  Episcopal Church
11:00 am  "Wild Onion Dinner"  
Pocohontas Indian Women Scholarship Fundraiser


WILD ONION DINNER, 5 to 7 p.m. March 18, Fife Indian Methodist Church, 1100 Eufaula Ave. Cost: $8.

Concharty United Methodist Church 
Wild Onion Dinner will be on March 26th 


Annual Wild Onion Dinner

Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm


Location: 224 E. Poplar, Holdenville, OK

Price: $10.00 Adult, $5.00 Children, $10.00 All Carry Out

Category: Food / Beverage

Come and join us for the 
Annual All You Can Eat Onion Dinner.

For more information contact 405-204-7064

Too early or not, Spring is thinking about popping in Eastern Green Country .... 
We need some more rain ...

Then of course Easter !

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