Tuesday, February 2, 2016

GroundHog Day ~ February Winds ~ Valentine's Day is the 14th ~ Sun Shines ~ Winter Wonderland ~ Rainbow Sunsets and Sunrises ~ Kirsten Earrings Surprises !

Are Spring winds blowing in or is that 6 more months of winter ? 

Christmas is past ... Ground hog day is today ...
Soon we will have Valentine's Day and birthdays !

Eat More Fruit and Keep Fit ~ Health the Greatest Treasure

 Keep busy, always !

Tulsa Rose Garden Sunny Day

Pottery Flower ~ Raku

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Is it azurite or chrysacola ?

Gruetzi ! 

Mom a long time ago 

Children are our future

Bring only treasures

The heart is on fire

Moths to flame ?

Keep reading to the children ~ 

Wherever you are ~ 
Each book is like a magic carpet ride .... 

mystery guy on our bookshelf

This treasure has found a good home 

pinecones under glass ?   No, pinecone before snowglobe ...

All love a story in the morning, 
A few more books at nap time after a good lunch ... 

Then take good walk in the fresh air, and 

And then 3 more stories at bedtime !    

This way, you have a great excuse to revisit 
and explore for the first time, 

all the children's books you cannot remember existed

when you were a child yourself  ...

 Keep busy ...

Look forward to Spring and Summer !

Tulsa Date Night

Get out and enjoy the
First Friday Art Crawl in Tulsa .... February 5th !


Spoonflower effort 

Find hundreds of Mom's earrings creations
at the AHHA gift shop !


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