Monday, February 29, 2016

Green Grow the Lilacs and the Wild Onions in the Fields ~ Petoskey Stones are Ancient Coral from Under the Oceans

As the winter sun begins
to warm the land again
tufts of green and purple
give signs of Spring ...

From sources on the ‘net :  About  Michigan State Petoskey Fossil Coral Stone :
Michigan’s iconic state stone is a remnant of the coral saltwater sea that once covered the state 350 million years ago, before the dinosaurs. When a series of glaciers came along 2 million years ago through 10,000 years ago, the land was scraped and mixed and churned up, spreading the fossils statewide. The Petoskey stone may be named for a northern Michigan city where scientists believe the fossil formation originated, but Hexagonaria percarinatais found on all the Michigan shores.  Michigan designated the Petoskey stone as the official state stone in 1965 (Petoskey stone is actually not a jasper stone but fossilized coral). A Petoskey is a fossil colonial coral. These corals lived in warm shallow seas that covered Michigan during Devonian time, some 350 million years ago. Scattered along the northern Lower Peninsula shorelines of Lakes Huron andMichigan, this fossil holds natural attraction for people. Well before dinosaurs roamed the earth, over 350 million years ago during the Devonian period, the land we know as Michigan was under water. The pretty gray Petoskey stone is an alluring glimpse into Earth’s past. Dotted with six-sided cross-sections of ancient coral — some say the pattern looks like little suns — the distinctive stones became popular souvenirs for tourists to Michigan in the 1800s, and they still give a thrill today. Although fossilized coral can be found elsewhere in the Midwest, Michigan is the only place this particular fossil is fondly called a Petoskey stone.

Pleasant Freeland Phifer on his 80th Birthday Nebraska

Home of Pleasant Freeland Phifer Arnold Nebraska 

Home still stands and looks beautiful 

Pleasant Freeland Phifer ~ Left ~ Vera Phifer ~ Child in white dress in front.

Anna of Lyon

Wild Onion Oklahoma

Petoskey Coral Earrings ~ Kirsten Designs USA ~ One of a Kind

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