Saturday, January 23, 2016

Loving a Viking is Not Easy ~ They are Fine Folks Though In Their Hearts ~ Wild and Free Like the Mountains and Fjords ~ Oceans and Far Away Lands

have in 
the family
many strong 

As strong 
as trees 
The leaves
don't fall far 
from the trunk ...

And the nut 
far from the tree ...

St. Olaf' 

The bark 
does not bite ...

Respect for 
Older Ones ....

 Respect for the 
stones of the Earth

 And the shells
of the sea ..

Colors so vibrant

Tulsa Home with Wide Portico Entry

by Maureen

Roses of Spain Courtesy of Maureen

courtesy Maureen

Forget Me Note HandPainted Blue Folk Art Flowers 

The Lucky Boy

Unknown Place and Painter

Unique Folk Art Silver Mask Earrings

Time Waits for No One


Silver Bells
Silver Bells
It's Christmas Time in the City ...

Portico dreaming

 Luscious colors

 Courageous couples

Fanciful Birds

Fine brush strokes

Natural colors

Crazy All American Raggedy Ann Ginger Headed Rag Doll 

Lucky Boy by Kirsten
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Mother Duck Went Out One Day ... 

Lampwork Spring Daisies 

Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms from Kirsten 

You've Got To Find Some Body To Love 

Veined Poppy Jasper Fan Earrings 

Veined Poppy Jasper Fan Earrings II

Toffee Can Lass with Tartan Scarf and Heather 

Hound Dog Blues

Orbicular Mushroom Rhyolite

Austrian Folk Art Painting on Bell by Ida

Folks will Talk

Per Lysne Rose

Young Cadet

Lite Hearts

Rainbow Pancake Stacks

Beautiful Pearl Colors 

You never know what you might find at an estate sale ...

Wouldn't it be nice

Spring Cherry Blossom Dreaming 

Keep loving the ones you love !

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