Friday, January 8, 2016

Consider the Caribou ~ Liking A Viking ~ Plops of Rain Drops ~ Hearts Never Apart ~ Ozarks Ahoy ~ Roar of the DinoSaur !

Raindrops on cedars
and pearls on puff cloisonne

Abalone Nuggets
Snowflakes on envelopes

Black eyed peas
start the new year right ...
Plucky and lucky

 Blue bears on silver

Lace in agates
Thai flowers on top

Pinwheel Puff
Light Dangles

and blue bears again ...

 Consider the
caribou always on the move ...

Rain is a gift from heaven ...

 So much
to learn about
Nature ...

Raindrops on Deodorus Cedars ...

Sparkles on Gold

 Baubles aplenty

 Love and Rose bold

Hearts for all !

Let your hearts fly
like a bird on the wing

Loving a Viking
is no easy thing !

Consider the caribou ~ wanderer of the North ...

Happy Trails to the Young ...

 And hardy at heart

One more time for the record

 Let the dinosaurs
Roar !

Coffee and Cream
in the Refrigerator !
 Oh blue north wind howls
and the Vikings never quiver ....

Northern folks are not Southerners

And hummus is for healthy folks

 Hippy hoop happiness
calls us all once in awhile ....


Pink is for girls

Sputniks are for astronauts

Stones are for strength

Sunbonnets are for Sue

Chalcedony blue !

Owhyee you ? 

 Czech back often

and see what Kirsten Earrings USA 

Turritella Gemstone Earrings Kirsten USA

new from the Earth for you !

 The world is a big place
to discover ...

Swing low and
Swing high
in every footstep

Hearts cranberry pink

Hoopy Pink Blues

Raindrops on Cedars
 Dino Soars don't all fly

Rocks should not be

Rain is nourishing
 Dangling gives
momentum ...

 A natural color combo

Peace is patriotic 

Pink is so lovely

 Hearts speak a
million words

Pictures and Words

Happy hearts happy hands....

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