Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 January New Year ~ New Gear ~ The Ears Have It ~ Do Your Legs Heart and Head Have Lucky Kirsten Gear ? ~ Get it Here and There !

So Many 
to Travel 
So Much Gear we Need Each Year ! 


Moons to Come ...

We may have our earrings 
picked out for the day ...

But are our legs warm ? 

Sixties Atomic Daisy Homespun 
Get leggings in this warm and fuzzy friendly pattern today !

Get Yourself some
Lucky Boy Kirsten Gear ~ Get a Duvet Cover !

New !  Scandinavian Norwegian Rosemaling Clothing and 
Home and Travel Accents !

RoseMaling Scandinavian Folk Art Clothing, Duvets, Pillow, Scarves and More !
Norwegian at Heart for Valentine's Day ~
How about some stickers for your Valentines ?
You Betcha !

Kirsten Red White Mushroom Extravaganza ~
How about a pencil skirt or a scarf ? ! 

Thinking of Gabriel Oak ?  

Get a Gabriel Oak
Love in The Woods
Acorn Laptop Skin or Duvet Cover !

 Raggedy Ann ~ The Real American Girl !  Must Have Leggings by Kirsten
Get the Real Deal ~ Orange and Black 

Where can you find Kirsten Earrings ?  
on eBay !

And, locally, in Oklahoma 
at the Hardest Arts Center Gift Shop in Downtown Tulsa 
(See the Blue Shop Link Upper Right) 

Girl of Your Dreams ~
Get Her On a Laptop Sleeve
or Travel Mug ! 

As usual, my earrings are found on eBay ~ !

SouthWest Corn and Sky
Laptop Cover Available
from KTMOM ! 

Shop for Kirsten Earrings here on eBay :

Summer Dreaming Boy
Now Available
in a Duvet Cover
or I Phone Case ! 

Flying Bee SunFlower in the Wind
Travel Mug, Leggings and
So Much More
Now Available ! 

Quack Mother Duck !  
Tote Bag for Books
Now in Stock from Kirsten !

Kirsten Forget Me Nots Blue
in a Variety of Selections ! 

Kirsten Forget Me Nots Alaska
Green in Even More for You !
~ Mom's Favorites are the Leggings ....

Original Kirsten Forget Me Nots
Now available as a
Duvet for the Feather Bed ! 

You will be dressed in style 
and your earrings 
will match everything so easily too !  
One full package of 
Kirsten Tannenbaum Designs for You ! 

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