Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year ~ New Designs ~ Hearts Thumping ~ Landscape Picture Jasper ~ Turquoise Blue Skies ~ Oklahoma 2017

Soon it will be New Year's Day 2017 !

Time Enough for Love

Time for Folk Art Hearts

Millefioiri Murano

No champagne for Mom

New Cimarron Centennial Dust Bowl Romance Heart Designs for
Valentine's Day and Beyond !

Rose Arch Tulsa Oklahoma 2016

Remnants of Christmas still hang

New Folk Art Heart Designs

Planning ahead for all your gift giving needs ...

Fish Earrings

Sublime beauty can be found in lovely natural gemstones ...

 Fill your new year
with luck and pluck
~ good memories and love

Jusst days since Christmas and already we are thinking about 2017 !

Starfruit in the Punch ! 

Forever Young

Keep songs in your heart

Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom's Fan Box

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