Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Sun Warms the Heart ~ Family Far is Near ~ Summer Colors Turn to Autumn ~ Leaves Fall ~ Winter on the Horizon

Wondering about history and 
times gone by again ...

Saw a matinee with the
family about an exchange
of men ...

Between superpowers that control the futures of so many ...

Hollywood sure times their films well 

Just a story in time ...

 Like so many stories
in history ...

Whose shoes were these ?

Plant your daffodils in November for Spring Joy !

Art Deco

Old Child's Shoes

Rose Hips


White Buffalo Stone Earrings 

Rhyolite Coin Earrings with Button Pearls 

Looking forward to more holidays ...

Preparing for the Christkindlmarkt ! 

your country

May your light shine bright

Keep the candle in the window

 Goodbye to the colors of summer ... we'll see you again in the Spring ...

Preparing for Christmas ...

Here comes Winter !

The light in the manger still shines for me !

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