Monday, September 7, 2015

Kirsten Earrings USA Inspired by Nature, People, Children and Music ! Happy Labor Day ! Tulsa Duplexes

Inch by Inch
Row by Row...

Gonna make my Earring Garden Grow ...

Since about 1997, I've been dangling up a storm ~
fortunately untouched by any tornadoes ... 

One Bead at a Time ~
Beads securely on wires... Redanglind the dedangled ...

CAUTION :  Frogs, Spiders, and Caterpillars to FOLLOW !!

Lately, I've been enjoying the colors of the garden ~
And, having followed the lead of the
Tulsa Monarch Initiative,

And Monarch Watch up in Kansas...
I've planted some Milkweed
for the Monarchs ~  

Also read the influential book by Barbara Kingsolver ...
Flight Behavior

When I'm not dangling up a bead storm in bead land,
I check on the garden activities .... there is a whole world
out there ~ what lies beneath is quite exciting ! 

Do you see any caterpillars or frogs yet ?   Spiders ?

Oooh, what a cool spider quilt !

Find all my beaded creations on eBay :

We are very excited to find this tree frog in my husband's pepper plant !
We think it is a gray tree frog, native to eastern Oklahoma .
After years of avoiding chemicals, we are seeing a return of insects and now
this frog to our gardens.

Perfect for the Southwest USA ~
or ...

Polka Dotted White Pearl Snowflake Trees !

What is this pretty weed ?

Isn't the little frog cute ?

This part of this blog listing continues the Tulsa Drives with Mom ...
I am looking at Duplexes ~
They are very interesting ...
This isn't a duplex ... can you spy where it is ?

I'm also interested in porticos ... This is a nicely paired couple of trees. .

Same one ...

Salt box
with portico !
So many ideas !

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