Sunday, June 21, 2015

One of A Kind Handmade USA Quality Artisan Sterling Silver Gemstone Earrings to You from Me ~ Kirsten Earrings USA 2015

What could
be more Special than a
Handmade USA Homemade Quality Small Gift ?                 

A little something .... for someone ...
Remember the name .... 

Kirsten Earrings USA  
.... inspired by Nature and fueled by Love of all good things ! 

 The purple chaste tree is blooming
              and the bumble bees are bumbling

 Always keep Christmas in your heart

 And the gift of flowers from a friend

New handcrafted creations
                          being listed daily ~
                                         One Of A Kind ~ With the Customer in Mind !

 Flower fairies are still on my mind ...

And literacy for children too ....

 Fingers keeping busy

If I were a quilter ...

I guess I'd have more scraps than beads....

I found a ladybug coccinella in my bead tray and had to identify it !

The fanfare was awesome
and colorful ~
a veritable fiesta of colors and people !

Time for an espresso, and to get back to work ...

There's a rainbow of beads just waiting and a life to be lived !

Festive Fiesta Ware Dishes
Fiesta Dishes


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