Thursday, May 14, 2015

Blue Dome International MayFest Weekend in Tulsa Starts 5/15 Friday, Saturday and Sunday ~ Welcome Spring and Summer !

The Blue Dome Festival has returned !   

When:  This weekend May 15 16 and 17 2015
Where: 2nd and Elgin Downtown
Why ?   To Celebrate Art ~ Spring ~ Summer and Artisans !

Don't be shy ... 
Go !
The rains have come, and brought beautiful flowers all over town !

Filling reservoirs !

It's time to celebrate !
It's Spring !   Knockout Summer !

Get on your walking shoes and
Go Downtown !

Tulsa ain't no Paris,
but we've got the Tulsa International Mayfest,
Art Deco, and of course
The Blue Dome Festival !  
  Spring is bursting with color !
Grab your best friend and come on down to Mayfest !

Wake up the dogs !

Get breakfast when you get down there ~ lots of food trucks !
Find something new and handmade ...
  Shake off those rainy days blues !
It's a rainbow world of colors !
   Enjoy the sun and have some fun!

Rise and Shine !

Tulsa International MayFest 2015 ~
Celebrating Art and Artisans for more than 30 years !

   Find beauty
Spring and Summer are leafing up !
Find some new original gemstone creations from  
Kirsten Earrings USA creations at the booth of Zedel International !

Keep your world colorful ...
Or celebrate it in black and white ....
If you can't get downtown,
you can always shop at Kirsten Earrings on eBay

Or, stop in any time it's convenient to the
Hardesty Arts Center
and find hundreds of original Kirsten Earrings USA
creations at the GIFT SHOP there ...
Your purchase will support the
Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa

Don't forget to support your local Zen Spoon Master ! 
Blue Dome
What a Novel Idea
Love it While You Can !

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