Sunday, March 15, 2015

Daffodils are Up in Green Country Oklahoma ! Spring is Springing and the Birds Are Chirping ! Life is Returning !!

Coming Up Next :
Don't Miss ...
The Annual Tulsa Garden Center
SpringFest Garden Market and Festival
Friday April 10 and Saturday April 11, 2015
Contact and Location :
Tulsa Garden Center ~ Phone: 918-746-5125
2435 S Peoria Ave 
Tulsa, OK 74114 
Do I sound upbeat ?   You bet !  
There's nothing
more beautiful than a daffodil in Spring!
Well, perhaps a primrose ! ?
 Wise folks know
The time to plant is early in the day, in the cool of the morning,
preferably in the rain or on a cloudy day...
After Rural Court Ship by Karen Eland

V and B Kitty
Cloisonné Easter Egg Earrings by Kirsten Earrings USA
Lyon Market by Anna

Add some color to your city !
WoodWard Park in Bloom
Taos in Bloom by Maureen
Wild Thing Lily ~ Calling all Bees !

Chaste Bush
Like bright an shining faces greeting the Sun !
Winter is Over and Spring has just begun !
Earrings imitating flowers ... calling all fairies !
Calling all Moon Sprites !


Floating Flowers !
Oklahoma and Indian Territory Map
The Little House on the ExpressWay
Good Wood

Spring Picnic
Globes by Kirsten Earrings  USA
Blue Rosette Teardrops by Kirsten Earrings USA


Lampwork Rose Blue Whites by Kirsten Earrings USA

 Blue Bonnets of Spring
Oklahoma Hearts
There's been a lot of work going on since Territory days....  
Put down your burdon and get to the Garden Spring Fest !

Think Spring !
Even if it's sunny and hot....  bring a fan ...
Get some summer sea shell earrings !
 Pull something out of the freezer to thaw....
 Be a part of it all !
Free Family Floral Tree for Your Use

Celebrate the greening of your world !
Purple and green .. the first colors of Spring, and Yellow of course !




Bring a picnic, a beach umbrella, a blanket and plan to stay all day ! 
C'mon, put down your burdon and bring the whole family to town for the
SpringFest at the Tulsa Garden Center !

Peter's Colony did Survive !    A Home on Shahan Drive






Plant some seeds, and get ready for Summer !
Get your kids to help !

 Teach them about the birds and the bees !

Kirsten Tannenbaum Earrings by Mom's Fan Box

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