Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cold White Tulsa Snow Brings Needed Moisture for Trees Plants Wildflowers of Spring

While more snow is so cold, growing old,
We know it is yet winter,  the skies are grey ...

This land needs the water ....
So it is all good  !
Soon Spring will
pop out with better colors
Hang in there !

Flowers for you from Mom ~ Thank you always !

Old Needle Point

Free Milkweed Plants for Schools !

Wicker Man ~ Courtesy Anna of Lyon, France


Photo Courtesy Anna of Lyon France

Endive ~ Photo Courtesy ~ Anna of Lyon France

Old Lyon ~ Courtesy of Anna

Marche ~ Lyon, France ~ Courtesy of Anna

Classic Art Deco Quality ~ Courtesy

New Lyon ~ Courtesy Anna

Lyon ~ Pink Bike ~ Courtesy Anna

Oklahoma Pecan Upside Down Bread

Courtesy Tiffany's

Rainbow Calsilica

Ranch Style Rambler ~ Mid Century Modern

Ranch Rambler Mid Century Modern

Red Tiger Ey

Red Tiger Eye

Pictures out of the Past ~

The Blue Pick Up Truck

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