Friday, December 19, 2014

Tannenbaum Friends, Shop Locally for Kirsten Earrrings USA at the AHHA Gift Shop in Downtown Tulsa Oklahoma !

where to
Kirsten Earrings

locally ?  

At the AHHA Gift Shop ! 
AHHA is the Hardesty Arts Center in downtown Tulsa. 

They have over 700 pairs of my original designs. 
A portion of your local purchase goes to support the
Arts and Humanities Council
which is far reaching in our communities. 
The taxes help Tulsa !
 (Some proceeds come back to me.)
 AHHA is located at
101 East Archer Street | Tulsa, Oklahoma | 918.584.3333 ~
Probably call ahead for open hours
or check the link upper right where you see a
blue gift shop ~
 Clicking on the picture UPPER RIGHT leads you to
the AHHA website. 
You will have to go, physically to AHHA,
to the gift shop there to peruse what
they have ~ all LOCAL !

Thank you for asking!  
Each early December I can be usually found at the German American Society of Tulsa
(German Christmas Market ~ Christ Child Market).
It is this market which gave me my
"beginning" !
Some people are even getting married there !
PERHAPS I will see if there is room for me at the
Tulsa Garden Center Spring Market
coming up in April. 
But that is uncertain. 
At AHHA, they only have
a few of my things shown at a time, but if you ask the attendant to see the full stock of what I have there,
they will work with you. 
Thank you for asking !  
But if you shop on eBay ~
See  the above link ~ 
Click on the blue flower on at TOP LEFT,
You get the convenience of fast and easy
delivery straight to you mailbox ~ so easy ! 

Here below I will show some of my past collections :  

Christmas Stones and More
Natural Baroque Unique Pearl Creations

Wedding Pearls
Black Red Union
 SouthWest Dangling

Spring Cloisonné

Black White

FW Color Pearls for Girls


LampWork Kitty Cats
More Colors of the Rainbow Pearls

60's Long Feelin' Groovy

Rocks in My Socks

Aqua and Peridot Gold for Elizabeth

Spring Fling Garden Mix

Tea House Secrets

Easter LampWork

Liz Creations

The Lawyer Collection

Sunshine Stones

Stones with Zelia


Teal Aqua TQ

Dotted Line ~ Sunday Serenity

I so appreciate you ! 
Mom K


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