Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's a Mod Mod World That We Live In ~ And You've Got to Have a Knack ....

Choo !
Choo Choo
Cha ~
Boogie !

Summer Blue Skies
Sunshine and Butterflies

Potential Pumpkins on the vine ...

Lilies Lemon

Cool Divine !

Out of the box thinking

Necessity by Invention

Habitat for Humanity

February blossoms swing

Celtic Copper Spin

Sunflowers Coral Red and Turquoise Blue and Gold

Wedding Cake Roses


Topaz Honey Drops

Silver Spoons Not
Disco Crystal Ruby Red

Down she lay down her head

Sky blue turquoise

Pollen Potential

World Globe Trotter Clippers

Millefiori Murano Wonders

Flower Fairy Go Gos

Oooh Key Lime Pie

Sage Green Silver and Gold

Fancy Honey Drops

Leopard Jasper Bauble Drops

Little Baby Pumpkin Drops

Ladybugs and Hearts


Sleep in the Morning Sun

Wait for Shipment

Very Popular


Wood Blues

Mod Mod Trio

Exquisite Howlite

The Pinks are Back

The Owl Hoot


Garnet Red Turquoise Green and Blue Paua Too

Peace can make us happy

Love can too

 My flowers

Her flowers

New Rainbows
Ravishing Rhyolite

More Disco

Coral Red and Turquoise Teal Blue

Backyard Flowers

Natural Showers

Beads on the edge of a very old plate

Serendipity Dangles


Turquoise Blue and Coral Red
Natural Colors

Basset Hound Sleeping


Beauty in White


Purple Coneflower Delight

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