Monday, June 23, 2014

Where Ever You Are, Where Ever You Roam, There's No Place Like Home !

Home !
Home on the range ...
Where the deer and the antelope play ....
Where seldom is heard ~
A discouraging word ...
And the skies are not cloudy
All day !

Home is where the heart is, though.
Because wherever you roam,
Whether among the antelope or elephants,
If you aren't with the one you love,
You're not yet home.  

Same thing goes with the beads ...
they are created,
they fly around the globe,
trade hand to hand, market to market,
someone like me,
makes something with them...

Then, they wait, to catch the eye of someone
who will love them,
like Paddington or Courderoy the little bear. 

Will that someone be you ?

What sort of beads and bling, art and craft call to you ?

Our city is thankful to have many wonderful philanthropists who
have supported our arts and culture so generously ...

Come downtown, on your lunch break,
in the evening, on the weekend,
Sundays too ~
Find some art in the galleries that will call to you ...
Inspire you ...
Bless your days and fill your mind. 
Refresh your spirit,
Open your mind and broaden your perspective,
Art which will give depth to your life,
Change your life,
Make you question and
Wonder !

There are a few bridges in Tulsa,

some in parks,
some over rivers,
and some connecting
different parts of town ...
Cross those bridges often !

When you come across something hand made that you like ~
Support the artisan ~

I am inspired by many things ~ lately the Blue Chaste Tree has stolen my heart !  It thrives on adversity ~ neglect as some say... yet it is a gift to the bees and butterflies let alone our eyes. 

Tulsa's roses have suffered but will return with gifts for another day ...

Summer is with us

The sultry sweet hot summertime !
Visit the Hardesty Arts Center

 Enjoy simple and complex creations ~
Artisan from all over Tulsa share their wares ...

Simple gifts from local hearts and hands ....


Local quality

Classic creations

Something for everybody

Some places I wish were still here ...
But since they aren't ....

Stop in for a tastey dinner at Tulsa's newest local cantina ~
Bravos !  on 51st  Street where the Green Onion used to reside ...

Plant the drought hardy blue chaste bush / tree for Tulsa's future ~ it's part of a xeriscaping future we'll all need to embrace ...

Visit our places of Art ...


Plant wise and garden friendly for the animal kingdom

Support craft


and libraries

Simple gifts

Healthy local food



Keep crossing bridges ....


The chaste tree is a pure delight ~ like purple rockets !

Think globally

Tulsa, are you weary of too much pink ?
Try Purple ! 


Happy Hot Blooming Summer ~
Look how far we've come since Winter !
Soltice is passed and we're higher than the knee ~ 
heading fast in to the 4th of July !

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