Friday, May 16, 2014

Blue Dome Arts Festival 2014 May 16-18 Tulsa Oklahoma ~ In the Blue Dome District ~

It began ... years ago






May Fest  ! 


There were

more local artists

who very serendipitously

decided to meet and

set up their wares

a few blocks  


 away from the madding crowd !


It was a show up and be there kind of thing ~

I loved it!


Now ... 

It has become a really wonderful

big deal in Tulsa,

gaining momentum yearly with more and more local artists climbing on board!  

So many people are coming out of their artistic closets and discovering their inner creativity ! 

 This year it is absolutely gorgeous weather, with nights in the 40's and daytimes barely reaching 80 ~ it is heaven on earth !  

Gone are my own days of popping up my rainbow umbrella in the sun wind and rain, but you can still find my things with other people ... Zelia has some of my original stone creations at this festival... She is loves stones, as much as I do !  

Friday, I strolled around and found my favorite local potter, Mr. Etudaiye from Nigeria ...

Etudaiye Pottery Oklahoma

just outside the

Dilly Deli :

Here are some pictures through my lens ...

 Yes, I did buy one of her bracelets !


 Yes, I enjoyed watching the wheel demonstration
from Clay Works Studios !

 Yes, I have blue ~ ified some of my pictures !

 The Tulsa Skyline in Blue

 Political elephant or donkey for sale ~ with boxing gloves ~ !

 Buy one of her bracelets, or one of her colorful potholders ! 
See her sketches of flowers ! 
I love how she is keeping her teddy bear close.  
Childhood is special. 

Casts made of your hands or feet, while you wait.

 This wonderful lady was busy hand to feet in spinning yarn !

The artist name is Harjo ~ He draws what he thinks of ...

 Yes, I'm finding fun tools on my computer.

 This was created by the same lady who made the donkey, Indian girl in canoe, penguin, elephant, etc

The face of the future !    Have you seen Robot and Frank ~ the movie ?

There are blue skies for the
 Tulsa International Mayfest and Blue Dome Arts Festival !


 On site work of Josh Stout ~ Native American Artist from Jenks Oklahoma

 Got color ?

 This on looks friendly to me !   ~ I made it all cracky !

 Got wheel barrow art ?

 Got pottery ?

 Got yarn  ?

 Yes, she is fascinating !

Original Working Shell Lamp by The Outsiders !




Whether you are just out for a stroll,

a serious art collector,

a foreigner visiting our fine city,

a family enjoying so time together,



a festival follower,  an artist to be ...



 Enjoy the Tulsa International May Fest this Weekend !


Then, come on down to the local

Tulsa Blue Dome District just a few blocks away !


Look for Zedel International ~

a good friend of Mom's

and she will have

some of my


gemstone earring creations !


If you can't make it ~ but please do, the weather is fabulous ! 



You can always find my things online on eBay 





Make something yourself !  

Take a class !  



Get crafty !  



 Have Fun !





Be Peaceful .  



Get inspired !  



 Louise was her name ~ She knew many tricks !





Seen At Tulsa Estate Sale May 2014





























































Navy Blue Gemstone Earrings

Kirsten Earrings USA









 Thank you for enduring my blog post.

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