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What is the best kind of earring for you and your face , hair , style, body, clothes ?

by Mom
@ Kirsten Earrings USA   

Many people
have asked me
what sort of earrings
should they wear for the shape
of their face or their hairstyle. 
This puts me instantly into a conundrum
as there are so many other variables I would think might influence this decision.   Not being and aesthetician, I can only offer some ideas for you.   I am only the crafter of the earrings of the beautiful beads of our planet and  this is what I have to offer.

To me, the earring wearer falls into some basic categories :  plain, fancy, natural, modern, retro, Victorian, elegant, professional, conservative, artsy, old hippy, yuppie, millennial, dark haired, light haired, long haired, short haired, wild, shy, exotic, blue eyed, brown eyed, green eyed, and so forth.   By these adjectives you might be able to find yourself or the one you are buying for …  Also, it could be that you are one person by day, and another by night and weekend, so a variety of earring styles will call your name!   

Personally, I feel dangling earrings on French ball hooks  are the cat’s meow  ~simply the best!  They are so easy, comfortable and fast to put on and take off.  Comfortable for being on the phone too!  ( But in this day and age, people talk TO their phones, so perhaps that is now moot.  )   As you all know, I offer clip on, lever back, and post dangle attachment free switch outs for any design.

Back to what kind of earrings …. When framing a picture, they say to find the LEAST color and accentuate that…  this could be your facial type, skin color, hair color, and especially eye color, I would think.    So if the earrings are the last thing you put on for the day, keep the LEAST color rule in mind?    You, your face, your body and wardrobe are an item of artistic achievement.   Let my earrings pull you together for the grand entrance  !  

On the other hand, I know that some of my earrings are overwhelming in themselves !  Once upon a time at the library where I used to work, I was told more than once, “I bought this top just to MATCH your earrings !”  :O)  Usually it was a plain top, but not always! 

Also, people are drawn to beads and stones by their very soul I think.   Using myself as an example, I have a strong affinity for rhyolite which stretches far back into my childhood and a rock I found in the road in Nebraska.   Some find sublime beauty in a pair of pearls, or can get lost in dreamland in lamp work floral earrings.   Some people have deep familial or cultural / ancestral  affinities  to beads they remember their grandmothers or special people wearing.  Beads can have that “these are MY People” kind of allure, I really do think.   

Often I find myself combining beads of 3 or more continents to make one pair of earrings !   Finding and bringing the beads into earrings just for your eyes and ears is my mission.   I’ve been on a mission to “Redangle the Dedangled” for about 18 years now.    Time flies when you are an earring designer !   

So, as you see, when you find an item from me you like ~ you will be supporting global and local at the same time !   

Enjoy looking around at other creations on eBay, Etsy, Amazon, craft shows, other websites, and know I will always be here for you and your ears ~ I love to hear your ideas, design needs, color and quantity questions.    Over 6000 folks on eBay have enjoyed my creations, and pro ably 3x that many in local Oklahoma craft shows in the years when I was setting up my table at wineries, lavender fields, street fairs, churches, schools, and parks.  

I have learned to keep my hands busy, and old family tradition !   Support your local crafters in America and keep handmade alive in your community !

Return when you can and Shop at Kirsten Earrings on eBay .   Sun Shine on Your Path Every Day !



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