Sunday, February 9, 2014

SS Mosel November 21 1881 ~ A Ship Long Ago ~ Many Lives Unfolding to the Future ~ Where did they all go ?

It's exciting
also sometimes
looking into
the past ~
Genealogy ~
A Hobby ~
A Treasure Hunt ~
An Unopened Family Album ...
A very long time ago,
a ship crossed the ocean,
a fraction
my ancestors
Amerika ~

Sochi Starry Nights ~ Kirsten Earrings USA
Van Gogh Sochi Starry Nights Kirsten Earrings USA
To Sochi with Love ~ Kirsten Earrings USA
Let's Play Games Sochi Blue Heart Touch the Sky Long Dangles Kirsten USA
Sochi Style Heart Pendant by Kirsten Earrings USA
Sochi Style Big Beautiful Pearl Drop Earrings Kirsten Earrings USA
Dedicated to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Opening Ceremonies !
Sochi Stylin' !
Sochi Style Murano Pendant by Kirsten Earrings USA with Heart Earrings
Sochi Style Hearts Kirsten Earrings USA

Sochi Style UpCycled Green Earrings Kirsten USA

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Sochi Style Lavender Twirls Kirsten Earrings USA

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