Monday, January 20, 2014

Is Love Out of Fashion or Is Love Here to Stay ~ When Two Hearts Beat As One ~ It is Done

Many folks wonder
when is love ~  
When is it the real thing  ...
The one that will last
 through heritage

starry nights
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festival times
blue love  
When it makes you happy
Feel Slam Dunked
Special and Pretty
Classic and Old Style
Royal and True
Flittery Fluttering
Solid and Secure
Flamboyant and Happy
If it makes you happy ...
like and old fashioned garden
a trip to the beach
a warm mug of chocolate
A Rainbow Sunset
Love comes in many shades and colors  ....
Singing like a bird
Strong and Solid
Twirling an Swirling
Globe trekking
Swelling up til you might burst
Restful and happy
Sunny and Bright
Sweet Like Honey
Natural delight
Warm as sunshine
Secure in the cold
Young and playful
Curious like a kitten
Surprised and Excited
Watching and hopeful
Swinging on a lamp post
Bouquets of flowers
Fat Cat Content
Like a Flame in the Night
Like a Garden of Flowers in Your Mind

If it makes you happy
Earthy and Secure
Royal and Rare
Like an old time feeling ...

Love Shouldn't Hurt
Love is always patient and kind
 Rainbow delight
Bursts of Spring



Like a treasure found
like old traditions hold strong
Crazy Love
Fluttering in your heart
Swing it You know you can
Puff up with Joy
Drop The Hints
With These
Or Naturally with these
Talk it over
Whatever Language is Your Love
Celebrate Good Times
Float Away in Your Dreams
Let Spring Things Happen
It's been going on forever
And will go on again ...
Nature Knows What's Best
Listen to Your Heart
Swing it if it's good

Hold Steady for the Best
Love is Like a Warm Oatmeal Cookie
Spicey and Full of Love


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