Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tannenbaum Holidays are Upon Us ~ Roll Out the Yule Log ~ Santa Lucia With Crown Of Candle Light ..... Bring Us Your Cheer So Bright ...

Tannenbaum Friends

Thank You and Merry Christmas !
Keep Shopping !
Near and Far
Your Support
Has Been
Welcome ! 
Thank YOU,
All who braved the snow
ice to come to the
German American Society of Tulsa
Christkindlmarkt !
so many thanks
to all the
hardworking volunteers !
to look forward to
more creations
Kirsten Earrings USA
 in the future !
Now hang a shining star upon the highest bough ...

Let the love light of the season shine down

There is still so much for which we continue to give thanks ....
I continue to create and ship your packages daily !
See the YouTube of these :

Enjoy shopping for these creations on eBay
The green easy safe way to shop with earrings delivered
in little velvet gift bags to you door !  

see the youtube video of the Recycled Christmas Ornament Angels who flew to Copenhagen !




A Christkindl Angel to me !



Doesn't this Christkindl Angel look just like Allison ?



Mmmm Frozen Cranberry Orange for the Holidays !


This Christkindl girl reminds me of Cindy !

What a wonderful book !

Christmas is for the child in us all ...











Hansine Nielsen ~ my grandmother's aunt









Homework for Mom

Until I write again, let these pictures
fill you with the fun of the holidays ~ Mom K

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