Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Giving Thanks For All We Have ~ Daily The Most Important Thing ~

me that ...
We can take too much for given.
Each day has its gifts
The ability to have time to craft

Whimsical Spirit

Lite Sprites

Admiring Needlepoint

Potato Angels

Double Fountain of Youth Luna Butterflies at the BirdHouses  

Classic Black

Forever Lady Bugs

You've got to love this

And this !

Lite Wood Teal Topaz Drops

Calla Lily Angels Pink

Mother of Pearl Christmas Angels

The Holidays are Coming !


It is absolutely OK to love the holidays all year long !

Hang in there !

UpCycled Vintage Bead White Angels Kirsten by Mom Earrings


UpCycled Acorn Top Gold White Angels Kirsten by Mom Earrings

UpCycled Fluted Cream Brown Angels of Color Kirsten Earrings  by Mom

Silent Night Holy Night Folk Art Trees Kirsten Earrings by Mom

Potato Leek Soup with Parsley Carrots ~  Kirsten by Mom
Cooking A Large Pot of Leek Soup a la Kirsten KT 
3 Large Leeks
5 Large Russet Potatoes
1 Large Yellow Onion
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
3 Knorr Chicken Bouillon Cubes
 in 4 cups boiling water.
4 Cups Whole Milk
1/4 cup Corn Starch
6 Large Carrots
1 Large Bunch Fresh Parsley
Wash and rinse the leeks.  Chop off their end, reserving a good amount of green .   Slice leeks in coins, rinse again in a colander. 
Chop up Yellow Onion. 
In a large stock pot, pour in the olive oil . 
Until translucent and slightly amber brown, cook the leeks and onions. 
While these are cooking, wash and chop up the potatoes into cubes.
The house will smell great !   Add the potatoes, and stir constantly, on a medium high heat, slightly browning them as well. 
In a separate container, whisk the corn starch with the cold milk. 
Add the milk to the browned potato leek onion group in the stock pot.
Bring to a soft boil, stirring slowly, then add the bouillon chicken soup
mixture.  Keep an eye on this and stir occasionally.  Add the coins of carrots, and finally the chopped fresh parsley.    Bring to a rolling boil stirring all the while.   Have some extra freezer container on hand
and put some of this away for another day, and save the rest for today !
Be Thankful, and enjoy your dinner ! 

A wonderful nativity in needlepoint

UpCycled ReCycled Massive Huge Angels Kirsten by Mom Earrings

Gold Halo Upcycled Girls

Natural Mexican Rodeo Crazy Lace Agate Red Tiger Eye Earrings Kirsten By Mom

Serpentine Olivine Green Leaf Earrings Kirsten by Mom

Original African Green Jasper Folk Art Tannenbaum Tree Earrings Kirsten by Mom

I Love this Pillow


These earrings need you !

Snowflake Obsidian

Scotty Dog

Bicentennialiana !
1776 - 1976 
Red White Blue
Boy Scouts

White Eagle Stool

Harvest Grapes

Halo'd Gals

LITE Pearls !

Learning about Terriers

Luscious Brown Angels
Giving Thanks Every Day

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